Love from Rose

March 21, 2019 2 Comments

Love from Rose

My first thought when I pulled Rose (JOY) for the third moon cycle of the year was elation, excitement and a sense of everything coming together, falling into place beautifully and of course, joyfully.

My book would be heading out into the world perfectly timed as the Earth awakened from her winter slumber and I would be joyfully springing around welcoming and reconnecting with my flower friends.

Ok. So you get the picture of what I was expecting and so now I suspect you know what my reality also was...and perhaps you have had a similar experience?

You know, for as long as I can remember, I have always had a deep appreciation for the beauty and majesty of Nature. The flowers that make my heart flutter, the ocean that promotes a deep sense of peace in my soul, and the woods that restore a sense of belonging.

And while I consciously understood my interconnected relationship with Nature of which we all are a part, it has only been recently where the depth of my understanding has come to a full and complete integration within my heart.

I am not just a part of the Earth, of Nature. I AM the Earth. And as such every cell of my physical body carries the wisdom of the Earth within.

Same for you.

And the flowers, the trees and all of Nature are rejoicing with this understanding for now, how can I fail to love myself, and honor myself, any less than I honor and love the Earth?

This is the place from which we can feel and radiate the deep joy and a profound love for life, for everything, that we are a part of.

And so my past few weeks have been a literal shit storm of failures, setbacks, trials and challenges.

My book, that I thought was finished, has gone back to the drawing board where I am literally tearing it apart to recreate it in a different form. Also, my furry angel pup was suddenly slammed with a mysterious, and tenacious tick related illness, that has resulted in not only a huge withdrawal from my savings account, but also a huge withdrawal of my energy and presence from my work, to the extent that I’ve not even been writing, painting or even taking my daily walk in my beloved woods.

And maybe, in the past, this would have triggered a swift decent into self-pity, anger and frustration. But this time it was different.

For the first time, I have been consciously surrendering to it all instead of fighting to fix it and herein I have discovered a strength and joy of living, of being in my heart, and in the present moment that I have not fully experienced before.

Every day I consciously connected with Rose. Rose who is, in my mind, one of the highest vibrations of LOVE on this planet. And I was SO grateful she was my companion for this moon cycle.

I saw her beautiful blooms in my mind’s eye and used my Rose temporary tattoo to remind me of her message frequently. I tasted her divinity daily with a drop or two of my Avena Botanical’s Rose Petal Elixir, and I allowed her warmth to permeate my whole being drinking the extraordinarily magical Sweet Rose Tea from Organic India (with a dash of vanilla soy milk!) Soooo, so yummy.

Through all the stories and dramas taking place in my life, and around me, Rose would gently keep bringing me back to the simple truth that suffering is a choice. She reminded me that life is most certainly "a bed of roses," —filled with softness and joy, as well as suffering and pain—but how we choose to experience it all is up to each of us.

Suffering is a choice.

My heart was breaking as I carried my weak pup into the veterinary hospital, but my ears were flooded with the sound of the birds joyfully singing around me. The snow was sparkling and the blue of the sky so incredibly soothing—and I felt and noticed it all—even through my tears.

And I know in my heart that the birthing of my book into the world will be perfectly timed, and in a form even better than I had originally conceived because of all the love and support and feedback I have had from so many that resonate with the Soulflowers. I feel so humbled and grateful to do this work.

This is a new story for me. A new chapter. And I know that whatever happens in my life I can roll with it all.

I can feel and embrace the joy and the pain because I know they are not separate, or opposite, but are instead the two wings of the same bird, lifting me up and carrying me along.

I know I am loved and I know that I am worthy of a life grounded in and filled with love and joy.

And I know that you are too! 💗


Dig deeper with Rose (JOY) here.

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March 26, 2019

Wishing you all the best with your puppy and book. Sending hugs from down under 🇦🇺


March 22, 2019

Thank-you for a inspiring blog today, its just what i needed to hear, i was feeling really down but now i feel i will “roll with it” and handle whatever happens! Blessings for you and your pup x

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