Remember, You Are The Earth

July 16, 2019 1 Comment

Remember, You Are The Earth

Let us think about our bodies for a bit.

Well, as women, I suspect most of us think about them all of the time, so let us think about them from a new perspective at least.

Tree energy always feels so "parental" to me. White Pine, as the loving parent that she is, is my guide this Moon Cycle and she has been reminding me of a deeper awareness and understanding of the nature of my body.  

Her great height gives her a unique vantage point perhaps, a higher perspective, from which to view me. And like all benevolent and loving parents, she knows that the best way for me to learn is through experience. 

All children need to have safe space from which to figure things out on their own, with guidance but without interference, from a watchful parent. A wise guide knows that making mistakes is often the best way to integrate the wisdom of our experiences into our conscious reality. To learn to act rather than react.

But I digress a little...back to the body. 

When you really think about it, all the organs, structures, tissues and complexities of our human form, on a molecular level, are made up mostly of six elements—oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium and phosphorus.

There are a few other elements too, but this handful of molecules is really all that is necessary for life. And not just for our human body—the animals, plants, trees, flowers, insects, oceans and so on—are also comprised of the same six elements.

These are the elements of the Earth herself and the beauty and magic of all life is held in the infinite variations of combinations that these molecules can form.

Not only that, it is my understanding that the Earth has been using the exact same molecules over and over again for millennia as the cycle of life reclaims and regenerates over and over. Mind boggling when you really think about it!

Also mind boggling is how most of us can understand this process scientifically but that, as intelligent humans, we have concluded we are separate or distinct from this cycle. And laughably we even believe we are able to control this perpetual cycle of life somehow?

How is it possible for us to be aware of the incredible beauty and AWE inspiring diversity of Nature and yet think that our bodies, our own combination of molecules, are not part of the same miraculous creation?

Remember, I was talking about my body. I also mentioned that children learn best through experience.

So, last week I was relaxing, sitting at the dining table (and most likely looking at my phone)  when my youngest decided to join me. Almost 13 now, still growing of course, but currently inhabiting a young woman’s body and filling out in a mirror image of myself—minus a few wrinkles.

She sat down and innocently gave a little squeeze, more of a gentle poke really, of my pudgy belly that was of course hanging over my pants somewhat as it does. 

Well, I immediately reacted with a wave of self-consciousness mixed with some shame, or regret, and a whole heap of programming and I said something along the lines of, “Oh dear, I really need to work on that.”  Or some similar self-derogatory remark.

The words had barely left my lips when my heart kicked in. I also saw the expression on my daughter's youthful face.

“I love your belly Mom,” she said.

Of course, there was a flurry of backtracking and correction, but the damage had already been inflicted and there was nothing I could do but to offer silent apologies to myself, to my daughter, and mostly to my body.

You see, I know what my body is made of. I know of its miraculous nature. And I also know the depth of my love for the Earth herself and yet I had excluded myself in that brief interchange.

And that is where White Pine steps in with her understanding and her support. “It's all right,” she says, “you are still learning.”

Yes. Yes I am.

I am still learning, or rather unlearning, all the behaviors and stories and programming that I have been carrying, storing in my woman’s body, inherited from the generations before me. With awareness, gentle understanding and love I am learning to release and recycle them, and allow my heart to open to remembering the perfection and gift that is my human form.

I am slowly remembering all the wisdom stored in every molecule of my body.

I am remembering that I am as much the Earth and part of Nature as the flowers I tend in my garden. And how could I not love my body in the same way? It is a miracle after all.

I put my hands on my squishy belly. The belly that has miraculously grown three humans from only six molecular building blocks and which is an amazing part of the body on-loan to me from the Earth for this lifetime. 

All any of us wants is to be loved. All the Earth wants is to be loved. All White Pine wants is to be loved. Love is everything.

And so I unleash every ounce of my loving energy from my heart, through my hands to my body, to the Earth, to White Pine. In gratitude. In love. And understanding as I remember the Truth.

I am the Earth. So are you.

Dig deeper with White Pine (WISDOM) here.

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Karen Adkins
Karen Adkins

August 28, 2019

I have kept this posting on white pines to remind me about my body and the earth and how we all relate. Aging is hard and jelly tummy’s are also hard to look at and except sometimes. But I try to appreciate all this rental body has allowed me and how grateful I am for what it has allotted me. So thank you so much Lisa for the reminder I need every once and awhile

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