Who is Pulling Your Strings?

September 04, 2020 1 Comment

Who is Pulling Your Strings?

“If you look for truth outside of yourself, it gets further and further away.”—Tung Shan

Circle left… Circle right…round and round in circles we go. 

This dance we are dancing is exhausting at times, especially when we keep repeating the same old moves over and over. 

You know the same old myth that life is a battle to win, to survive, and that hopefully there will be some hero that will show up to rescue us from our struggles...or at least tell us what to do so that we can move through them...

Lady’s Slipper is my dance partner this moon cycle, gently leading me in a steady waltz while the world is spinning furiously around me. 

Whenever I stumble and disconnect from the music that is mine to express, whenever I trip over myself trying to control and rationalize, understand and organize the choreography, she has been there to gently pick me up, adjust my dancing slippers and remind me to let my heart lead the way.

There is an image that comes to mind when I connect with her energy of a marionette with invisible strings attached, my Earth body the puppet and my higher self guiding and controlling my strings, my moves, from a higher perspective than I can perceive with my human senses. 

Lady's Slipper (CONNECTION) is asking us to remember our connection to others, our connection with spirit, our connection with ourselves AND also the fact that we exist in and are connected to an ever-expanding web of consciousness—within which we are bound by our senses and physical perceptions—so it is no wonder we easily lose connection!

Individually and collectively, we are not listening to the music that flows through us and around us. We have not been listening for a very long time. 

The dance floor feels more like a scary mosh pit than a divinely choreographed ballet. Here we all are on the floor, thrashing around blindly, scrabbling to organize but instead trampling our neighbors if they are not in sync. And in the wings there are many, many forces trying to orchestrate our moves, using every tactic in the psychological marketing playbook to manipulate and control our steps, to pull our strings.

In my heart I know that everything, EVERYTHING, is part of a Divine plan which, like Nature reflects, often appears more chaotic than choreographed. 

I also know that one by one, as we stumble, trip and fall to the ground, we each have an opportunity to reconnect our weary bodies with the heartbeat of the Earth. An opportunity to reconnect with our own heartbeats and once again feel the rhythm of unity flow through our consciousness before we try to get back up...if we so choose.  

And so what dance am I dancing? 

What wants to express through me in this lifetime...now?

Lady’s Slipper is such good medicine to help me cut through all the strings that are not connected to my higher self, that are not my truth—to cut through all internal stories and beliefs and external distractions so I can reconnect with the vision that I hold in my heart of “Heaven” here on Earth.

This is my soul blueprint, my deepest desire, my raison d’etre, that gets me up every morning, even when I don’t know cognitively what the moves are and I stumble frequently. I am human after all.

Unity consciousness is the dance that wants to express through me, through my body, and this is not an easy dance to express. 

Unity consciousness asks me to be the clearest vessel for divine unconditional love that I can be. To feel the peace at my center and allow it to emanate through me in whatever ways it wishes to be expressed. 

Unity consciousness doesn’t mean we all have to agree and follow the same steps, instead it means that we honor all the individual expressions of the same music, that we honor the incredible diversity of life, and remember that we all flow in the same general direction, the same spiral, only at our own pace and rhythm. 

In a culture consumed with mental analysis, what is right, what is wrong, who is good, who is bad, we have forgotten to have reverence for the interconnectivity and diversity of life itself...and this is what I am here to express, to remember, and to bring into embodied reality with every fiber of my being. 

On our metaphorical dance floor that is life, we are faced with many choices every moment about what steps to take next. Lady’s Slipper asks if our steps come from within, guided by our connection with our higher selves, or if are they choreographed by others? 

I try my best to dance my dance with engaged detachment, a space holder for the new Earth, a bridge from separation back to unity. To be as consciously neutral as I can be and to forgive myself when I flub the steps...which is so, so easy to do...especially as this dance is created moment to moment, the only time that we have.

And right now it is so lonely here on this dance floor and it’s hard to keep going.

Do you feel the disconnect? 

The disconnect between your deepest desires, your truth, the spark that fires you and the collective duality or polarity narrative. 

Do you feel burned out too? 

I am too tired, too weary, to give our broken systems any more of my precious energy. To build any more walls, participate in any more battles or support any further separation within or without. 

At every moment we have a choice which way to go, which steps to take.

Duality says, one way is good, one way is bad. But which is which is different for everyone. So every moment, with our free will, as EMPOWERED humans we need to choose which way FEELS best without judgement of another’s choices

Connection, compassion and empathy is about standing in someone else’s shoes, feeling with their heart, seeing with their eyes. You can have an opinion, make a choice, express a belief and STILL understand that others may not agree and be ok with that! 

Neutral. Grounded. Connected. Bridging the divide.

Neutrality means that you understand and value the diversity of opinion, the diversity of life itself. 

Conscious neutrality is unity consciousness. 

And remaining consciously neutral is heart work!

It is time to take one neutral step after another, guided by our own hearts. Gently, gently FEELING into each and every step of a new dance together, rather than choosing what we intellectually THINK is right because that is fraught with the judgement and narratives of old choreographies. 

This is a new dance, one that we have not danced before and no one knows what it will look like. We are all improvising. 

I am improvising. Free dancing.

Allowing my heart to guide me in a personal expression that brings me the greatest joy and honors the precious life that flows through me, that flows through us all.

One, two, three, one two three...round and round I go, all of Nature around me humming an unconditionally loving, supportive melody, a steady beat of unity in diversity, of connection to the whole. Her rhythm flowing through me as I dance a beautiful dance of consciousness expansion within the Universal spiral of life.

My moves, my life, is a minute part of a cosmic choreography—a single expression in the intricate tapestry that we are collectively weaving. 

The entirety of the piece is ineffable, magnificent and greater than my mind can possibly cognitively comprehend. I have to FEEL the moves, TRUST the next steps emanating out from deep in my Earth bones and SURRENDER to the music of my heart that is my connection to Source and to my higher self. Please join me.

Dig deeper with Lady’s Slipper (CONNECTION) here.

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September 06, 2020

Lady’s Slipper is a plant I have been admiring since I was a child, and loving the fragrance of, but I only just learned its name this summer. Thanks so much for this beautiful post about an amazing flower!

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